A Tax Relief Company Can Save You From IRS Debts

Receiving a notice from the IRS can put a lot of stress and pressure on an individual. Although they do send out several notices before taking action, their relentless efforts can be overwhelming if you are scared about what to do next. Many Americans are surprised when they find out their wages are being garnished at amounts they can’t afford. At that point, the stress becomes unbearable and desperation takes over. Sound familiar? Before you call a private tax attorney down the street for help, let us explain why a tax relief firm may be the best option for you.

Expensive Upfront Costs

In 2014, the IRS collected over 56 million dollars in wage garnishments alone. The percentages vary but sources say it’s common to garnish up to 70% of your overall paycheck! If you have a family to support or are already living paycheck to paycheck, this can be considered a devastating pay cut. In this case, you would want someone who is a tax professional and familiar with IRS tax laws and codes to stop the garnishments all together or at least lower the amount to something more affordable. Both private tax lawyers and tax relief firms are qualified to do this but with a private lawyer, you should expect to pay a retainer fee as well as an hourly fee (some as high as $500/hr) to work on your case. If you’re already facing wage garnishment, outrageous legal fees are not a feasible option for you.

Tax Relief Company vs. Tax Attorney

Although a private tax attorney is highly qualified, they are also only one person. They may have multiple cases they are working on and unfortunately, you are just another number. A wage garnishment is something that you would like to have rectified as soon as possible and it may be a while before you hear from a lawyer because of their workload. With a tax relief firm, we can expedite that process with our fully staffed team of tax attorneys, CPA’s, and enrolled agents, who all specialize in cases like these, everyday. Your case can be reviewed and processed quickly and at a lower cost to you.

When facing wage garnishment by the IRS, you can never have too many tax professionals on your side. We will work your case quickly and only charge a flat fee no matter how complicated your situation may be. Superior Tax Relief has succeeded in many cases like yours and will continue to be a pillar of support when you’re dealing with the IRS. We guarantee success. Contact us today!

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