Why Would You Get An IRS Debt Tax Attorney?

People are afraid of IRS. After all, it was the IRS that sent the notorious mob boss Al Capone to jail for 11 years, not the FBI. Most people do NOT think of needing a tax attorney until they get notice of an audit or the dreaded “CP504B: Notice of intent to seize (levy) your property or rights to property” or similar letters threatening dire circumstances.

Here are three primary reasons to see a tax attorney right now:

You’ve been notified of an IRS audit

IRS orders audit of your account because they suspect you have cheated them out of tax revenue. To the IRS, ignorance is no excuse. A tax attorney can assess the situation, and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. A tax attorney can also be present during the audit and make sure you don’t overpay in the settlement.

You owe a significant amount to the IRS

If you ignore the audit notice, IRS would assume that you agreed with their findings and notify you of the amount owed and intent to levy or seize. It is not too late. A tax attorney can tell you if you really do owe that much, or perhaps ask for more time to investigate the matter. If you really can’t afford to pay at all, your tax attorney can see if you qualify for the IRS “offers in compromise” program.

You want to take your chances in a US Tax Court

While an individual can represent him- or herself in US tax court, the old adage “a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client” applies. You need a tax attorney who can tell you if you have enough evidence to win… or you should settle instead. According to Investopedia, over 90% of tax court cases reach a settlement before going in front of a tax court judge.

You need a tax attorney to preserve your rights as a taxpayer

A tax attorney is a lawyer with expertise in tax law who can protect your taxpayer rights. Conversations with your lawyer are privileged. Discussions with your accountant or bookkeeper are not similarly protected.

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