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Superior Tax Relief Delivers Effective IRS Tax Resolution and State Tax Resolution

The experts at Superior Tax Relief are prepared to assist you with any tax debt and make effective use of the numerous IRS tax resolution options. Our tax experts can simplify the process of tax resolution because navigating the tax code and understanding your options are no easy undertaking. We’re dedicated to providing timely, professional, and affordable solutions to your IRS issues.


Our advisors, lawyers, enrolled agents, and CPAs are dedicated to assisting you in comprehending the problem, creating a strategy, and carrying out that strategy. We go alongside you every step of the way, quickly and affordably, with the sole goal of a successful tax resolution and your restored peace of mind.

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Each year, our team of tax professionals provides IRS tax relief for thousands of clients. With the experience to resolve just about any tax-related issue, IRS tax help and settlement solutions from Superior Tax Relief are tailored to your specific federal or state tax challenge.

Tax Resolution

Superior Tax Relief can help you determine whether a settlement can be reached with the IRS or state taxing authorities.

Tax Consultation

Our consultants, attorneys, Enrolled Agents and CPAs are here to listen and help you navigate the toughest tax issues.

Tax Settlement

Superior Tax Relief can help you determine whether a settlement can be reached with the IRS or state taxing authorities.

Tax Preparation

Superior Tax Relief can help alleviate the anxiety associated with tax return preparation and help ensure the accuracy and timeliness of filing.


What They Say

Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor


    I owed the IRS over $52,000.00 for 2015, 2016, 2017 tax years my CPA completed incorrectly. I heard of Superior tax relief from a friend they help in the past. So decided to give them a call as well, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did they fix the problem and protected me from an Audit from the IRS, but they also reduced my liability by 50%. Which I though was great by then one of the professionals called me and said that they had also negotiated some of the penalties which reduced my Tax debt more. I would highly recommend Superior tax relief to everyone. They truly FIGHT for you…

    Taylor Walsh
      Taylor Walsh


      I highly recommend and wouldn’t look anywhere. If you have tax problem call Superior Tax Relief. They’re help change my life. The IRS kept sending me letters about money I owed and I just couldn’t understand why. They reviewed all of my letters and provided me with a detailed explanation of each letter. The resolution to my tax problem was a settlement for a low monthly repayment plan. The staff at Superior Tax Relief are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for everything Superior Tax Relief

      Stephanie Miller
        Stephanie Miller


        Superior tax saved my life! The IRS was garnishing my paychecks every week since I was 1099. Once I called Superior tax relief they were able to get the IRS to stop the garnishment. Once they investigated into my tax problem, we moved forward with resolving it. Everyone I talked to made me feel at home and they were accommodating to my needs. I will definitely be suggesting Superior tax relief to anyone who is in a similar situation as me. Thank you Jorge(Tax Associate) for all you did for me and my household. He was very kind and helpful, he checked up on me and made sure I was aware of every step of the process. Thank you Superior Tax for the hard work!!!!!!

        Michelle Smith
          Michelle Smith


          My IRS debt had gotten long way out of control. I was afraid to contact the IRS because I knew that my debt was going to be something that I wasn’t going to afford to PAY. However, when I heard of Superior tax relief on the radio on my way home from work, I gave them a call. They made this dreadful process much easier than I expected. They were very communicative and walked me through every step of the process. They handled everything and set me FREE from IRS debt . Thank you Superior tax relief. I highly recommend!

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          Superior Tax Relief is a full-service tax liability resolution firm. We have extensive experience with IRS and state tax issues and tailor each solution individually–no cookie cutters. You’re not a number with Superior Tax Relief. Your tax debt burden requires an approach that meets your specific needs.

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